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Spiced Pear Seasonal Facial  $95
60 min 

Pear Enzyme + Frankincense Mask : This facial is designed to relax your senses and hydrate skin with Lactic Acid and all the benefits of the Winter Complex including the use of the DermaPep peptide with retinoic effects to stimulate collagen and reduce photo-damage. Botanical ingredients to hydrate dry skin and soothe sensitive skin. Also incorporated is Pinolumin which is a concentrated extract of Swiss stone pine that calms skin hypersensitivity and reduces skin redness.


Pomegranate Clove Seasonal Facial  $95

Pomegranate Enzyme + Vanilla Mask : This facial is the perfect holiday treatment to promote deep hydration, revive winter weathered skin and brighten the skin.  Enjoy the warming and brightening effects of pomegranate enzyme that brightens the skin with the combination of lactic, alpha-arbutin and salicylic. Cloves have a scavenging activity towards free radicals to provide a anti-aging facial.

Arctic Cranberry Seasonal Facial  $95

Cranberry Enzyme + Wintermint Mask : This facial contains an arctic cranberry enzyme with mandelic, lactic, arbutin and kojic which is an combination for an extreme lightening and anti-aging facial. Arctic cranberry seed oil protects against free radicals. The oil provides the essential fatty acids that are nourishing and anti-inflammatory. Chill out with the cooling sensation of the Wintermint Hydrating Mask that is packed with antioxidants and hydration.

Yuzu Enzyme + Goji Berry Mask  $85
60 min 

Yuzu Enzyme + Goji Berry Mask: Yuzu fruit, or Japanese grapefruit, is an antioxidant with a lot of tart; add in lemon and create a beautiful citrusy enzyme. This enzyme will assist in stimulating collagen and densifying the dermis while reducing inflammation and calming sensitized skin. Goji Berry helps in rebuilding the skin by stimulating biosynthesis. Anti aging results can be seen by the reduction of lines and wrinkles in addition to an improvement in the skin's elasticity.

Elderberry Enzyme + Elderberry Mask $125
60 min

Elderberry Enzyme + Elderberry Whipped Mask: EB enzyme will exfoliate with glycolic acid and brighten with the power duo, alpha-arbutin and kojic acid. It offers a unique revitalization of dull skin through collagen stimulation and moisturizing activity. The EB mask is a beautiful, airy consistency packed with peptides to maintain skin health. Key peptides assist the skin’s microbiome and stimulate the skin’s immune system. This facial includes Dermaplane and 10 min of LED light therapy.

Blue Aqua Enzyme + Seaweed Mask  $95
60 min 

Reinvigorate the skin this summer with this refreshing, ocean inspired duo. All skin types (especially oily/acneic and male clientele) will feel refreshed with this oceanic facial duo! Blue Aqua Enzyme contains mandelic acid to gently exfoliate for a smoother complexion. Seaweed mask calms and soothes inflamed skin with the combination of chamomile, comfrey leaf extract, and allantoin.

Fireside Seasonal Facial  $95
60 min

Ginger Enzyme + Charcoal Mask: Ginger and charcoal create an aromatic facial which will relax both the body and the senses.  Prepare for a warming sensation with these spices, and also the expectation of pore refinement and soft/exfoliated skin. *This facial is not suited for sensitive skin types

Galvanic Facial + Vampira HydroJelly Mask  $175
90 min 

A 'non-surgical facelift' to boost the skin. The treatment helps to improve hydration levels and blood circulation to the face. It uses positive ions to soften and emulsify the keratin and sebum contained in the follicles; it uses negative ions to help push the active ingredients applied to the skin deep into the epidermal layers. Paired with a lemon enzyme for brightening and the Vampire HydroJelly Mask!

Pumpkin/Orange Enzyme + Autumn Spice Mask $65
60 min 

The Pumpkin/Orange Enzyme is packed with vitamins A and C, to exfoliate and reduce oil. With pumpkin, this enzyme dissolves dead skin while orange provides a beautiful glow to the skin. The hydrating mask has nutmeg to soothe inflammation, yet is also anti-bacterial. Cinnamon creates a warming sensation in the skin while mangosteen, honeysuckle, and passionflower provide anti-aging benefits.

Apple Enzyme + Caramel Mask  $65
60 min 

This facial has a beautiful medley of fall scents such as nutmeg, cinnamon and crisp apples. Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants as well as naturally-occurring malic acid (AHA) to assist in exfoliation.  Nutmeg and cinnamon neutralize free radicals.  It will hydrate, firm and improve skin tone and suppleness.

Eucalyptus Enzyme + Honey Mask  $85
60 min 

Eucalyptus Enzyme + Honey Mask: Eucalyptus has a clean fresh scent that relaxes our muscles. This enzyme's other active ingridients increase cell renewal, barrier function, and reduce redness leaving the skin exfoliated and soft. The hydrating mask contains honey to increase regeneration of skin for soft, smooth, hydrated skin. Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This facial treats the senses yet leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

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